• Lake Pack-Lake of the Woods

The Lake Pack page contains packs of proven colored Fireballs for your favorite lakes. Save money as each packs contain 5 baits and sell for less than if purchased individually.  More packs will be added as baits are tested and proven.

This is the famed Lake Of The Woods Pack. This pack was inspired by non other than Doug Wegner of Doug Wegner Fishing.  Included are the top 5 producing Fireballs on Lake of the Woods.  The pack contains one each of the following: Black skirt with double smoke hex blades, Black Red skirt with a copper hex  and a smoke hex blade,  Blue Silver skirt with double nickel blades, Grinch skirt with double smoke blades and last is a Black Gold skirt with a smoke hex and a gold hex blade. 

8" pack is $84.95 (normally $89.95)

The 89° is $94.95 (normally $99.95)

The Incinerator is $99.95 (normally $119.95)

The 99's pack is $111.95 (normally $119.95) 

The 11" pack is $121.20 (normally $129.95)

The Firefly pack is $59.95 (normally $64.95)

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Lake Pack-Lake of the Woods

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  • $84.95

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