• Lake Pack-Ottawa River

The Lake Pack page contains packs of proven colored Fireballs for your favorite lakes. Save money as each packs contain 5 baits and sell for less than if purchased individually.  More packs will be added as baits are tested and proven.

This is the famed Ottawa River Pack. The pack includes: 9$ Bass skirt with a gold hex and a Martian green hex blade, Black Gold skirt with a smoke hex and a gold hex blade, Candy Corn skirt with an anti freeze hex blade and an electric orange hex blade, White Tail Walleye skirt with a copper hex and a gold hex blade and last is the  Joker with double smoke blades. 

8" pack is $84.95 (normally $89.95)

The 89° is $94.95 (normally $99.95)

The Incinerator is $99.95 (normally $119.95)

The 99's pack is $111.95 (normally $119.95) 

The 11" pack is $121.20 (normally $129.95)

The Firefly pack is $59.95 (normally $64.95)



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Lake Pack-Ottawa River

  • Product Code: LPOR
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  • $84.95

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